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I’ve never been someone with a knack for sewing/knitting/crocheting. How I got a decent grade in Home Ec. (as we called it back in the day) is one of those mysteries best left unexplored. Although my sister reported that when she took the class four years later, the teacher still remembered me. Fondly.

Uh. Whatev.

That being said, I love dresses. I’m not really a girly girl either (she says, clad in camouflage Chuck Taylors) but I could spend hours searching for the perfect prom/home coming dress online. Because, you know, that’s practical.

And I love it when bloggers post their sewing/craft projects. One of my favorite dress sites is:

A Dress a Day

And, if I’m remembering correctly, Darcy has a special fondness for Tetris. (Am I remembering correctly? You do <3 Tetris, right?) So, this is for her, courtesy of A Dress a Day:

When geekdom and fashion collide: a thing of beauty

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It’s spring (sort of) and a geek girl’s fancy turns to thoughts of … prom (maybe). There’s so much to consider. If you don’t have a boyfriend, will you go solo? With a friend/friends? Or will you rely on your aunt who knows a nice boy who works at the shoe store she’d like to introduce you to? If you already have a boyfriend – can you convince him that wearing a Star Wars Stormtrooper costume to the dance would be so not cool?

Once you get your companion situation straightened out, it’s time to think about The Dress. Again, there is much to consider. Should you go with sexy or sweet? Short or long? Strapless or fully supported?

We here at Geek Girls have spent countless hours viewing prom dresses online. (It is one of our favorite pastimes; Charity claims this is “research.” We know better.).

We know there are thousands of websites that will help you match a dress to your body type, suggest the perfect color for your skin tone, and even configure your dress style based on your personality.

Geek girls don’t want to be redundant so we’ll offer you a different tip: If you’ve got Dasani taste but you’re on a tap water budget, consider going used. Or pre-worn. (That sounds better, right?)

Shop your local resale stores, watch the classified ads in your newspaper, or ask your friend who has three older sisters. There are beautiful dresses out there that can be purchased for a fraction of their original cost, leaving you money left over for cute shoes or matching iPod earbuds (in case your school hires a lame DJ).

Here are just a few of the dresses available from Darcy’s local craigslist:


A Word of Warning: We think it may be more than coincidence that so many girls selling prom dresses are displayed without heads. Is there some kind of serial prom dress stealer/slasher on the loose? PLEASE USE CAUTION!

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